Expert: crypto-currencies will definitely rise in price


Co-founder of the Ethereum, Joseph Lubin believes that the fall in the value of digital money does not prevent the development of cryptomarket. Now this sphere is waiting for a new round of growth, he believes.

This Joseph Lubin told an American television channel CNN. According to the expert, growth at the end of last year helped users to believe in the prospects of the market and the technology of blockchain.

At the same time, a sharp recovery in the sector made speculators worried. Then analysts explained this phenomenon as a “market bubble”. At the same time, the developers were confident that this would attract increased attention, the co-founder of the etherium noted.

Currently, programmers are improving technology - this will help prepare for a new stage of growth and interest in the digital economy.

In addition, Joseph Lubin commented on the statement of another creator of the etherium, Vitalik Buterin. Recall that he said that the industry has approached the ceiling and she no longer has opportunities for a thousand-fold growth.

According to Joseph Lubin, Vitalik Buterin is a genius, but in this matter he is forced to disagree with him. Blockchain for many years will still affect the economy, politics and social systems, ahead - a great evolution, the Canadian entrepreneur believes.

At the same time Vitalik Buterin also responded to the words of his colleague. In Twitter, he explained his early statements. “The idea was that a large part of the population already know about the crypto-currencies, so the growth will depend on how actively it is used, and not how high its interest,” wrote the founder of the Ethereum.

In general, users with digital money met. And, probably, in the near future will begin to apply it more actively. So, the market will also grow, experts believe.


It does’t take any expert to deduce that market will grow. People who are still here, already believes it otherwise they would have left, including me. Crypto market cap is nearly $250 Billion now and it went up to 800 Billion in January 2018. This is just the beginning. Give it some time and in few years we’ll have crypto market cap in few trillions.


really what is said by the vitalic buterin (founder of ethereum), indeed cryptocurrency has been known to many people compared to several years back,
but the existence of crypto is not seen how much the public is interested in crypto, but how much the cryptocurrency is used by the community, because of that it will determine the future price and existence of cryotocurrency.


There are some projects which have many use cases and project developments are on track but it takes time to build infrastructure for anything. In next few years, crypto will evolve and many good projects will be used in the real world which will increase the exposure of crypto currencies in general public which are now not aware of such applications of crypto.


Many remain in kryptomarket, including me, because they believe in it. And I am sure the kryptomarket will bring us good results.


Of course, I’m here for the same reason. I believe in it and sideways, I’ll make some money too if I play my cards right and don’t invest based on my feelings.