Ethereum Will ‘Rally Strongly’ up to $1,900 by the End of 2019


Major altcoin Ethereum(ETH) is about to see a “trend reversal and rally strongly” up to $1,900 per token by the end of 2019, according to Fundstrat head of research Tom Lee, as Bloomberg reported September 27.

In a note to clients of Fundstrat Global Advisors, Lee noted the “overly negative” sentiment on the Ethereum market, which he says will be a basis for its strong rebound in the near future.

In his prediction, Lee has referenced the historical performance of Ethereum, citing that the times when the altcoin “underperformed peers by two standard deviations,” the price trend saw a subsequent reverse.

Lee concluded that Ethereum will reach $1,900 by the end of 2019 — a price point that is at least 40 percent higher than Ethereum’s all-time high of $1,349, recorded on January 13, 2018. The price of Ethereum is $230 at press time, meaning that the altcoin’s price will surge by 726 percent by the end of the year, according to Lee.


$1900 OR $19000 check your topic headline

At present, there are some bubbles, but ETH is currently at a very low price, and in the long term, ETH is worthy of our investment.
Because ETH built a perfect ecology


Good news but end of 2019, i am waiting for end of 2018, please comeback 2017, comparison of ethereum and bitcoin in current situation, ethereum price is more decreasing than bitcoin. I hope ending point 2018 ethereum price will comeback.


If 19000$ then eth’s alone market cap would be over 2 trillion which is impossible.

Even if it reached 1900, crypto will reach the skies.


Exactly. Even I’m not thinking that long. I just wamt a little bull market so that I can make st least some gains. But yeah, if 2017 market comes back, I xan be millionaire easily.


$1900 is not very far for ethereum
Ethereum looking some positivity if get then it fly to the $1900 and cross to never look back


I think it will take another 2-3 years for ETH to reach $2k mark. Investors are very jumpy now adays, there is no big investement coming from the investors. Need time to recover…


market facing some obstacles created by some governments when issues resolved
No one will be able to stop crypto for going high and we are seeing some countries started to give good signals to crypto’s that is very nice to market future


Many investors lost confidence in Ethereum and other crypto currencies. It takes some time for the situation to change and the market recover.