Ethereum touched new low


I remember the time when Ethereum touched $1400 mark and there were people who were happy because some of those were lucky enough to buy in at $3 sometime in 2015-17. Later we saw it dipped and stabilized at $500-700 range. No one was expecting is to dip further but then Bitcoin etf was rejected and we saw ether at $186 momentarily and then back to $200. Finally, now Ethereum has touched $170 mark which no one was expecting.

So what do you think will be the bottom of Ethereum before we see any ray of bull season?


the story was almost about the hopes of others (including me) hehe. but ethereum (vitalik buterin) founder said that ethereum is likely to have reached its highest point, and by 2018 now is the point where ethereum will go down and reach a stable price, and most investors will support it, in other words BULLRUN will not happen.

but still, only time can answer, because cryptocurrency is hard to guess.


Maybe it has reached its highest point already but it doesn’t mean that it’ll keep sinking. Demand drives the price up. if there is no alternative for the payments to the ICOs, then the price of ethereum will go up again, maybe not till 1400 but higher than 200$ at least.


Now the market is very unstable and checks all crypto-currencies. Ethereum is no exception. On the other hand, this is a good opportunity to show its strength and reliability, weak projects will die.


If there is no bad news in next few days, we can safely say that 170 was the bottom of ethereum and now its already climbing and has reached 220$. A little Green in the market is always soothing to the eyes :slight_smile:


but ethereum is not to die this is giving an opportunity to buy but not lump sum
one should buy each and every down little by little to average


Average down is always best option unless you can see the future which I doubt. So ever ever go all in. Stack your orders in advance step down/up.


yes so i always buy little by little and accumulate to hold till it go up or profit level
i am fearless i know buy right and sit tight



Always sell in the same fashion too. So that you don’t miss out when price increases after you have sold your tokens or coins.