Ethereum mining not profitable anymore!


According to one of the professional miners, mining cost of 1 Ethereum is approximately $152 and we know that Ethereum touched a low of 170. So what's the best thing to do now? What if Ethereum never recovers and stabilizes at 100-150 range? Do share your thoughts.


We should always think only of the best events for ourselves. We can not profit from buying crypto currency when the price starts to rise rapidly and we can not work in the mine when the cost of work is very high. Everything must be done in advance in order to be successful.


Proper planning is needed and there shouldn’t be fear of missing out (FOMO) which was at peak in dec-jan which caused a lot of newbies to lose almost all of their investments. Focus should be on a good entry to buy.


ethereum for now can touch the price of 170 usd, but remember, the ETH ranking is still number 2, is that a sign that eth will die?
no, this is just the usual cycle of crypto, because the falling price is also due to the BTC price falling, but look for the next 2-3 months, I am sure the ETH price will rise again even to 500 usd or more.


I believe so too. This is another normal cycle of crypto just like any other market. There is nothing to worry about. Personally I wouldn’t worry about anything unless whole crypto market cap crashes and comes under 20 billlion dollars.