Ethereum became the leader of growth from the top 10 of crypto-currencies


The second on the capitalization of crypto-currency on Friday, September 14, confidently adds to the price, becoming the leader of growth in the list of the ten largest digital currencies.

According to the latest information, this crypto currency has risen by almost 8% in the last 24 hours and broke through the mark of $ 208.

Currently, almost all trading floors recorded an increase in the volume of transactions for the purchase of this asset, which positively affects its value. And during the current session, the coin jumped above 220, but now we see a correction towards a small drop. However, in general, the air keeps the basic positions above 200.

This allows the Ethereum to reach $ 230-240 already on Saturday night, while maintaining a positive trend. Up to the end of the working week, the broadcast, on the contrary, became cheaper due to the massive sale of coins by the ICO projects.

The remaining crypto-currencies are now mostly traded in positive territory. Bitcoin added 0.29%, to 6,490. Ripple and Bitcoin Cash rose in price by 1.48% and 2.14%, to 0.277 and 452 respectively. The capitalization of the crypto-currency market has grown to 199.843 billion, and the probability is high that the threshold of $ 200 billion will be overcome in the next few hours.

I think this is good news for everyone.


Well, ethereum in currently on 222$. Can’t say whether it’ll reach 340 or not but it is much better than under 200$ which we were seeing from few days. As it went up, we got to see some greens in the altcoins too.

Marketcap of 250 billion is achievable easily if bitcoin goes up 8000+ which it hasn’t from many days.