Enjoying with the Leax Community and Love the Badges


So this is a feedback I made to Leax devs. The Community forum is well built. Everything is very easy to use, manageable and all the tools needed is here. I also like the badges we get to earn. I wonder if what will we get if we manage to collect all badges? ~hmm. I am excited to find out!

There might be a few members for now but that is good as this will continue to grow and I am pretty sure it won’t die or end for this community. Im very proud I joined Leax and become one of the pioneering members. Looking forward to more features and badges! Again, I LOVE THE BADGES VERY MUCH!


Yes, this forum is good, but need some improvement, when using Laptop this forum UI is so good, but when im trying to opon with Phone, UI is not so good


Rightly said. Forum is designed nicely and badges are really a creative thing to add. I just hope that this forum will continue even after bounties and ICO.


Its going to last if there is something people needs to do in here. There are always other forum which will give more interest and will make you stay active. If ever Leaxcoin will really be successful to combine real estates with blockchain then this forum will be its main discussion place and probably make transactions and loans for the public to see.


i also very very much love leax badge and community too