Education... Blockchain


Transaction logging, transaction validation, proof of work, block signing … all of these terms complicate all of Blockchain’s technology and also make most of the people behind the Bitcoin transactions barely aware of the technology behind the coin, the truth is that reading and understanding white papers and articles written by Satoshi’s is much more complicated than understanding how Bitcoin works as a store of value and as currency.

In the end these complications are literally an apology, Blockchain may be the biggest technological revolution since the internet and there are already projects that take the protocol to other topics besides crypto-coins, Blockchain for content sharing, blockchain to create point-to-point democracies and even blockchains which function as social networks.

Blockchain amplitude:
The block network is a protocol that holds information within itself and encrypts it, it is a network without mediators and point to point, which means that the Blockchain strands can cover everything that is IOT, be it music, social networks, artificial intelligence , democracy, series and streaming systems, games, money, donations … I said it all.


We all still do not know what opportunities the blockchain technology will bring to us in the future. More and more people are coming in contact with the new technology every day and it becomes more understandable and familiar.