Economic model of the state Decenturion


Decenturion is the only virtual state in the world. The goal of the creation is the building of democracy based on the blockchain technology with the use of decentralized technologies in the economic and social spheres. The Decentuurion management system operates without a central governing body. Equal role in the management of each citizen, who is the official representative. The basis of the existence of Decenturion - the activities of its citizens, which is not taxed. Approved by the Ministry, which receive resources to form and build motivational programs for authorized organizations. Citizens control the work of ministries.

The monetary unit is a token. The currency is issued and placed on the state reserve by Decenturion. The initial price of 1 DCNT was 1 thousand dollars. The price increases with the increase in the demand for citizenship in the blocking state.

The economic model of the state of Decentuurion uses two forms of participation:

the physical resident is a citizen. Decenturion will be registered by 30 million people;
legal resident - start-up. Startups with Decenturion gain access to a large number of potential users.

To launch a project on the state market it is necessary:

to register on the website of the state;
to enclose the project with the necessary documents in your office;
establish the order of distribution of funds between the participants.

Citizens will receive part of the startup tokens, depending on the available funds in their wallet. The corresponding coefficients increase the person’s current account if he holds a public position. Everyone decides - to place a startup for sale or to refuse it. You can sell, buy, forward tokens directly from your landing page, without the involvement of a third party. Taxation is not subject to profit derived from the implementation of tokens start-ups.

To obtain citizenship, a smart contract is concluded on the official website of the Decenturion. Registration of citizenship was carried out by free tokens until August 1, 2018. The cost of registration of citizenship is 1 token. The citizen receives a personal cabinet and, if desired, a paper passport for an additional fee.

Decentuurion gives its citizens full state ownership, regulation, popularization. The task of Decentuurion is the development of the economy, the realization of its own opportunities in the world community, the acquisition of the status of an independent state. Decenturion can become a state of a new generation where they do not collect taxes, but give out money to citizens.

What is your opinion on this? Do you want to live in the state Decenturion?