Dollar - the most popular currency in transactions with bitcoins


Analysts at GreySpark concluded that the US dollar has become the most used fiat currency for trading paired with digital assets.

The study covers the period of the peak of popularity of Crypto-currency in December of last year, when the cost of BTC soared to $ 20,000.

In the work opinion is expressed that the rates of digital currencies are related to Google’s search queries. As an argument, experts point to fluctuations in the cost of Bitcoin between 19,000 and 20,000 dollars, which coincided with the record number of requests for “bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” on Google.

Analysts believe that trading volumes of digital assets have increased significantly in most markets. Also, they stressed that for a few years the dollar has become the most popular traded fiat on cryptory.

In addition, the experts listed countries that generally approved the cryptosphere and those who prefer to maintain a wait-and-see attitude. The first category includes: Australia, South Korea, Switzerland and Japan. But Russia, the United States and Canada are still cautious about adopting the crypto industry and its regulation. Also, the authors of the work cite China and Colombia as an example of the introduction of restrictive measures in relation to the digital assets market.

Previously, analysts of ING Group came to the conclusion that it is worth waiting for a serious stir in relation to the crypto-currency industry.

The survey was conducted among 15,000 citizens of the United States, Australia and 13 European countries. It turned out that, despite a small number of European investors, there are reasons to believe that their number will grow.

"66% of Europeans surveyed heard about crypto-currencies. Less than one in ten people (9%) invested in crypto-currencies. In addition, 16% are planning to purchase digital assets in the future, which suggests an increase in interest by more than two times. Considering that one third of Europeans surveyed (34%) did not hear about crypto-currencies, the potential increase may even exceed expectations, "experts are sure.


a big news if the USD currency becomes the biggest currency in buying cryptocurrency, if it really happens, then crypocurrency will become a trend in the future and will be very expensive for future assets. for those who now hold the cryptocurrency it’s time to look for a good cryto to be held in the future


Dollar is regarded as the most popular and convenient currency for working at crypto exchanges. This will be as long as the volatility on the cryptomarket is high. But in the future the situation will change and crypto-currencies will become very valuable assets.


As more countries accept crypto, more fiat to crypto exchanges would be there and dollar won’t stay most popular fiat then. We need more fiat to crypto exchanges to reduce the dominance of bitcoin too otherwise market will always depend upon bitcoin and whales will always be able to manipulate it.