Dogecoin hit the top 20 of the largest crypto-currencies


Digital currency Dogecoin, originally developed in the form of a comic project, has recently demonstrated a serious growth. The coin was confidently growing in price in early September against the background of the upcoming start of the joint project with the air.

On the night of Monday, September 10, Dogecoin fell into the list of top 20 major digital assets by the CoinMarketCap website version. The coin rate rose to 0.006, and the market capitalization reached 715.38 million. Now the asset is on the 20th line of the rating, ousting the Zcash crypto currency by 21st place.

According to experts, the reason for the increase in attractiveness of Dogecoin is not only in the launch of the partner network with the air, but also in low transaction fees on the blockchain-platform of the digital currency. By the volume of daily trades Dogecoin has bypassed even such digital assets as Litecoin and Dash.

However, the Crypto currency is inferior in terms of attractiveness to the Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. A more significant growth of the coin rate is possible after the launch of the project Dogethereum, which was announced by Vitalik Buterin as early as 2015. The essence of this project is the creation of a “bridge” between the blockchains of the Ethereum and Dogecoin, which will increase the scalability of each network and launch a high-performance integrated ecosystem.


dogecoin is indeed a coin that should not be considered one eye, because dogecoin always surprises everyone who glances at it. and September is the initial shock that must be prepared for investors to invest more in dogecoin.
if the dogethereum news really happened, then it was not impossible for dogecoin to touch 1 usd.


all tokens are good but dogecoin one of the tokens that can compete when the price is very bad like this .


If the Dogethereum project will happen, the coin can be higher than the price of 1 usd


We need to think not only about what the Crypto currency will grow, but also about what will grow stronger than all - the difference, again, is not large, but it can be the difference between a small income and a major success.


I myself still don’t know about dogethereum, maybe sometime I will try to find a year and share it here, because I think the project is very good and can affect doge in the future. hopefully it really happened.