Does participating in airdrop still helpful these days


I have been participating airdrop for almost eight months already, and all I have receive is just some of the tokens, sometimes much and sometimes less. All they say to me is that don’t collect some airdrops because its a total garbage. But right now, I have to make some investment on a specific ICO, and luckily, almost all of my airdrops got a value, and I collect it all, and I got accumulate almost 1100 usd just in airdrops. Airdrop can help you, if you just have to be keen and patient with it.
What is your experience regarding airdrops


My experience is not so good with airdops. For me, they were just a waste of time. A good with good airdrops was before 2018 when all airdrops paid and people made several thousands with some of them.


I feel a little better, than to do nothing at all. because it is currently trading just to hard to do. so we should still exist, one of which income from airdrops. Although a bit long, collected into a hill.


ok if you think so please wait for good time and do when you feel it is right time to enter
and take further action you wish


Well airdrops are everywhere now. I remember hydro used to give 200k in airdrops and look at it now, it’s been well. Airdrops vary from project to project but if you have time, why not fill out right? Airdrop activities are not as much as bounties that’s why it gives lesser too. Some are profitable and some are not. And what makes us sad is that there are people who are trying to scam others by distributing forms which tend to phish the user not to give some airdrops that’s why we should be skeptic on airdrops too. These may lead to the loss of our other tokens if mistakenly filled out. So just be safe when filling out. Airdrops can give you something in time especially worthy and substantial projects. .


but i think airdrop are not profitable than bounty
because bounty give us more than airdrops so participating a bounty is much profitable than airdrop
just like on going leaxcoin bounty this is very nice


Most of it yeah, I can say so. However, there really are rare cases when you are lucky enough that you participated in such airdrop. I missed some of those and know some which were able to join in. And I could say they were too lucky. Imagine getting 200k of a token in just filling out the form and other few easy activities. Plus, the project is visible as well as the team. Well, generally, airdrops are less profitable but then again, it is much much lesser work compared to bounty activities. But with luck, sometimes, it will worth something. It all depends if you will participate or not. But as to bounties, since it will take a lot more effort, we shall choose great projects to support, like this one. Hopefully, LEAX will be a success in the blockchain and real estate industry. really looking forward to that.


this may be so
but many few airdrops are really gives tokes to participants
i am saying so because i have tried many airdrops


out of 10 airdrops, i’m getting a form to fill and sign my ether wallet on a scam website in 6 of them and other 4 are not ready to pay easily. After airdrop, they ae adding more activities to do to claim the tokens/coins. its becoming really difficult now a days. 2017 was a good year for bounties, people made thousands from hydro, bitcore, ethereum dark and many more.


You don’t do as much as efforts as in bounties, that’s why airdrops pay less.

A little research is needed for airdrops too now a days. Don’t trust them and give all your important details to them. Most of them are scam and will use your info for other purposes.


This is completely right i agree with these line

A little research is needed for airdrops too now a days. Don’t trust them and give all your important details to them. Most of them are scam and will use your info for other purposes.


Please don’t go for any Airdrop blindly and do your homework always before investing.


Im still working on airdrops up until now. Started joining since february. I was disappointed when I was not able to join HYDRO, which is the most profitable of all. Right now, I am working on referrals and bounties. I am not yet satisfied with the result but maybe in 2019, all my hardworks will finally get paid as im stacking lots of tokens and coins.


yes your this idea is perfect it impressed me i do always homework before doing this type of work


Good to hear that. Stay away from scam Airdrops.


you are right scam aidrops are only time killers


Sometimes it is useful and most of the times it is not. But yes few of them are really good,we need to read in between the lines.


I started doing airdrops from the end of April. So I had already missed the good ones including HYDRO. I got rewarded for few airdrops only whereas I had completed few hundreds.

Do share referral for good airdrops.


You didn’t even know what was the maximum supply of leaxcoin and now you are saying that you do your homework. I highly doubt that. I think you are just writing anything that comes to your mind for increasing your post counts. Your statements are contradictory to each other.