Do your Research!


The one thing I would say is that if the White Paper and associated documents of an ICO show all of the proceeds of the ICO being used for team rewards, miscellaneous activities, and marketing, and there is no amount of the money raised going to back the value of the tokens issued, then you’ve got tokens worth nothing.

You might get very enthusiastic about an ICO, and put $100,000 into it. What you could get out of that is a million new tokens with a market value of zero. So be warned, be prepared, and don’t be an idiot with your money.


I disagree. I can tell you at least 5 good projects which didn’t raise even a penny and still they are thriving in market. Of course with no money raised, they can’t get listed on big exchangea but they are doing good in the market.

There are projects which has already 1-5% pre mine and that is also given to users as airdrop. They are not raising money but it doesn’t mean that their tokens are worthless.


I know, crypto coin making is based on the eth network, eos, stellar, and others. the coin is to support a variety of project service products and form a particular community.
In essence, the good or bad value of the coin depends on the team concerned. Marketing is the main value in coin development.