Do you still believe in bounties and Cryptocurrency


There’s alot of people move out from Cryptocurrency some are for their loses and without experience,some are doing for in bounty campaigns but still not get result so I want to know behalf of that reason I have mention is correct. What do you think


I still believe, as a bounty hunter having crypto coin savings is very pleasant. even though crypto is not good, it’s only a time barrier to getting better.


Hi, in my opinion, the bounty work is only part-time work and i always believe in the bounty, it brings more income to me! the cryptocurrency is also promising, i always believe in the crypto.


i thank first to project owners who offer work to bounty hunters to work for reward
i also thank leaxcoin team to offer us bounty
if possible or have time one should give much time to work for bounty
and work honestly


but i think crypto is very good this gives us chance to earn coins without investment
bounty comes under crypto
no crypto no bounty


Bounties will really really bring you something if you will work harder and be part of various campaigns, not just one. Also, avoid multi accounting as it tarnishes the campaigns. It’s kinda frustrating that many are doing it while others are honestly doing their work. Furthermore, sometimes, even the ‘reliable’ bounty manager, as you thought they were, are opening campaigns which end to be scams. These moves of those bounty managers frustrates me too. How could you rely on the campaigns if even the bounty managers are getting scammed? Well, I believe in blockchain technology and inherently, I believe in cryptocurrency to, as it is driving every blockchain technology out there.


nice but many people not believe and not work hard
they join but left incomplete the campaign and so not get proper reward and blame bounty aimlessly
that is not good