Do you know price of 1 leaxcoin


Do you know price of 1 leaxcoin please reply and what future you see for leaxcoin i think leaxcion will be much popular among crypto lovers
but what do you think


I can’t comment much, because leaxcoin is new and I’m still finding out what the leaxcoin team is doing, but I hope leax coins can touch prices above 1 USD or even 10 USD.


i agree with your answer because i also think some thing same about leaxcoin future price


good, if you want to try to know more about leaxcoin, you can join the leaxcoin telegram group, usually there is always the latest information about leaxcoin.
But if I’m not mistaken, the requirements for joining the forum bounty one of them is having to join the telegram group first.


ICO price was 5 cents or 0.05$. Leax is not listed on any exchange for now, so there is market value at the moment. It will get listed after the bounty has ended and distribution has commenced and then you’ll be able to trade and buy it. Price will definitely be much nore than the ICO price undoubtedly.


No I don’t know what is the price of 1 leaxcoin
Tell me please I would like to know


1 leaxcoin ico price $0.05


Leaxcoin ico price is about 1 leaxcoin token equal to 5 cent or $0.05. But very interesting news Pre ico and ICO successfully completed. In pre ico+ ico 50% of whole token allowed.


what do you want to explain in your this reply
i could not understand please explain me once again


I am visiting leaxcoin bounty Project website and see the ico price of leax token. In initial coins offering(ico) price is given 1 leax equal five cent.


Price is set at 5 cents without any bonus and some bonus would have been there for big investors and in pre-ICO.

She is saying that price is 5 cents and 50% of total supply (2 billion) is being offered in token sale.


price 1 Leaxcoin ico price $0.05 or 5 cent if without bonus, i hope at futures 1 Leaxcoin at exchange can raised up 10x or maybe 100x compared the price now
every project need public trust and investor and then their solid marketing team to increas theis coins or project, because this need some budget too, but i think this budget just only 1-5% compare to the ammount of coins
go go go Leaxcoin, Keep Spirit and get succesfully together, amiin


Yes i know the ico price of Leaxcoin. The ico price of Leaxcoin 1 Leaxcoin = $0.05, i hope when exchange this price remains same.


the ico price of 1 leaxcoin = $0.05 but when this will be in exchanges not remains same
this will be more higher than ico price


Well, I really hope that 10-100x happens and its not really difficult to happen. Many shitcoins go up and do 20x easily and this project here is unique and backed by a wonderful team.

I’m not selling anything which I get from this bounty below 50 cents.


Yea leaxcoin bounty campaign is very much popular. In pre ico and ICO almost 50% allowed token already have finished. So I believe in exchange leaxcoin price remain higher than ico price.


100% will happen so because leaxcoin baked by vast experienced team members who know every thing about this business and future of this