Do not panic good days ahead


Hello, why everyone is so afraid of crypto market falling again? I think this 1000$ bitcoin growth is the new beginning of rapid growth of all crypto market! Guys don’t be so depressive, stop panicking and selling just relax and bitcoin is going to reach 20000$ in summer!


Well, Bitcoin to 20,000 is not possible in my opinion at least not in 2018. We have been in bearish market for long and it would take some time to recover to previous glories but yeah, good days are ahead.


You are right, panic is a sign that someone is not mentally in the cryptocurrency world, they have known cryptocurrency for a long time and certainly understand this.
and when the market goes down they are not depressed, but are happy because now is the right time to buy as much as before the market goes up again.


there is still a lot of bad information on the market, a significant increase in BTC will not occur. investors are still in doubt, many country rules complicate crypto coins, and hackers are still rampant. maybe my opinion is like


panic human nature, when seeing the price of coins on the market decreases. I think it might be romantic there, sad, and curious always in the human brain.


i know and also all knows there is bad news about crypto and bitcoin but what is in the world without bad new and good news every things two aspects positive and negative


right, that’s romanticism in the world. these conditions which always affect humans and are made a good experience to move.


You are absolutely on point. These are all the reasons plus the manipulations by whales.


There should be a balance but here we hear daily something negative about crypto and rarely something positive.


Panic and trading based o emotions always causes losses.

I don’t understand what are we talking about.


There are many opinions about the price of Bitcoin, but these are only assumptions. In crypto-currencies, everything can happen, but I think that this year we will not see $ 20,000 for Bitcoin.


Yes, indeed, panic for crypto currency is very badly, we can do wrong actions under the influence of emotions.


Of course, many investors do not yet trust crypto-currencies, and bad information only strengthens this distrust.


To get good results we need to see more positive news about crypto currencies.


I am with you 100% on this.

Emotions are never good when it comes to making money. You’ll always lose.


We need good news but we hardly see any positives about crypto on news. Media is always interested in negatives about everything.


this year never because year 2018 is to finish
no much time this year for market so this can be next year