Destroyer of The future of crypto money


i think there are a couple of things that you are confusing with each other here.

  1. those idiots who call themselves “company” and run an ICO to scam people and take their money.
    this obviously improves nothing except the scammers financial situation!
  2. real companies that talk about the blockchain technology
    they will create centralized blockchains which also improves nothing
  3. altcoins that are being created left and right
    these can improve things but it rarely happens because similar to ICOs these are also mostly shitcoins and scams to fill their own pockets.


In this field we must doing own research, every time i decide to invest on some ico ive check the company and team background as my first step in my research, make sure the team is showing real identity, and already attend on 1 blockchain event


fraudulent project that will destroy crypto. As a result, many people / investors no longer believe in crypto projects in the future, so they will destroy the crypto coins.


These are also the things which are pushing potential investors from investing in crypto. That’s why we are in dire need of some regulations.


Researching is always good before investing.

Unless there are some laws and punishment for frauds in crypto, these things will keep on happening.


very often this happens and only makes losses, for bounty hunters and investors, so it takes a serious step before choosing a new project, one of which is to see what steps the team is taking, how is the documentation of a video or photo.


No no no. trusting on videos on youtube is a big no no cause they are created by other bounty hunters. Read the whitepaper man.


yes whitepaper is only good source of getting full about the project so one should read carefully
whitepaper is written by projects owner


but many whitepapers out there is just a copy from other whitepaper


right so read carefully and try to know duplicacy
and save your self from becoming fraud victims