Coinmarketcap will allow users to select crypto currency for tracking


Coinmarketcap, which became for many the main resource for tracking the market of crypto-currency assets, polled its users on Twitter whether they want to influence the listing of the site. On September 12, the resource published results: 60% of 5 thousand voters would like to have this opportunity.

Coinmarketcap’s search for a new asset selection method suitable for tracking is most likely due to the continual expansion of the crypto-currency market. At present, there are already about two thousand digital assets in the site list.

The choice of crypto-currency for listing has always been a difficult and controversial process for the crypto-currency market, and against the backdrop of the recent scandal with the largest in terms of day trading of crypto-exchanges, Binance, the community seriously questioned the principles of entering crypto-currencies into stock exchanges. Last month, Binance received accusations from the developer of one of the altcoins that the exchange demanded a commission of 400 BTC, equal to 2.6 million dollars, for listing its coins. However, the head of the platform, Changpeng Zhao, denied the charges.

Coinmarketcap itself also took an ambiguous position, removing South Korean stock exchanges from the tracking at the beginning of the year due to the high volatility of the local market caused by the “kimchi-premium”. The decision of Coinmarketcap disoriented many investors and caused a high level of anxiety in the market.

In August, the “data problem” on CoinMarketCap caused serious artificial inflation of the koins placed on the platform, inflating the prices of some koin by almost 1000%. In May, CoinMarketCap celebrated its fifth anniversary with an updated logo and the launch of its first mobile application.


Its good but there are apps which do the job just fine like Blockfolio and they are going to launch Blockfolio 2.0 which has some great features. Everyone should check that out.


coinmarketcap should have given that permission, because without the user, coinmarketcap is just a site that has no meaning. it is a good policy that needs appreciation. hopefully in the future coinmarketcap will make another bar breakthrough.