Coin for your hobbies


Just thought this would be an interesting topic.

There seems to be coins for most things these days so do you have coins related to their hobbies.

For me my hobbies are PC Gaming, Music and Skateboarding.


Crycash (CRC)
(I own a few crycash and I’m very interested in using their plink app. This is the playing gaming coin. I’m interested in.)

Naga Coin (NGC)

(It’s going to buy into this but decided not to pick up Crycash over it. The Switex trading exchange sounds interesting to me, being able to trade virtual good)

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

(has been keeping an eye on this, the roadmap looks interesting with games like Ark being mentioned.)


Viberate (VIB)

(I own a little of this coin. I like the fact I can go on to this site and add in an upcoming gig and earn VIB for doing so. Great way to spread to word on artists, gigs, events etc.)


CollabSkate Coin

(I have really made it look like it gets a lot of traction. Its built upon the waves platform. I will keep an eye on it, I hope it does well.)