CEO of Coinbase: the crypto currency system will grow over five years


The CEO of the Coinbase Exchange, Brian Armstrong, in a conversation with TechCrunch, suggested that within five years the number of people who use crypto currencies will grow from 40 million to 1 billion.

“The crypto-currency system and the total number of crypto-currencies will grow, so most of the commercial organizations will develop their own tokens, which will exist in parallel with the securities and be used as an alternative investment tool,” Armstrong said. “A project with source code, a charitable foundation, a new type of decentralized organizations and applications - everyone will have their own token.”

Also, the CEO of Coinbase noted the importance of crypto-currency regulation for the implementation of his ideas. According to him, in the next few years Coinbase can host hundreds of tokens, and in the more distant future, perhaps even millions.

“At the moment, this issue remains open and we can only wait for a decision regarding the classification of the tokens,” Armstrong explained, adding that, according to Coinbase, a significant portion of the tokens will be classified as securities.

It is worth noting that earlier the stock exchange acquired Keystone Capital Corp, which deals with dealer securities transactions, as well as Venovate Marketplace Inc. and Digital Wealth LLC. This will allow Coinbase to become a fully-fledged regulated brokerage company and offer new services that include OTC trading, securities trading and exchange margins. Also, through the acquisition of the above-mentioned companies, Coinbase will be able to expand the line of financial products that are not related to crypto-currencies.

In addition, the exchange recently announced that it will offer in addition to Bitcoin a trade in Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash paired with the British pound.


It has not been five years yet, but we already saw a huge difference and wide array of ideas pertaining to blockchain although this technology is in its infancy still. Currently, we can also observe that even established companies are taking their piece of the pie and getting involved in crypto so how much more in 5 years right? Surely these pioneers will be at more leveraged position than those who are slow in taking their chances in this technology. Furthermore, coinbase opening up doors for new coins/tokens to be listed will have great impact on cryptoworld. This will open new demand for new cryptocurrencies for new investors who can directly use their fiat to buy crypto.