Can you tell me the Best Privacy Coin in your opinion and why you choose it?


There is a lot of Privacy coin right now and it increase day by day. So can you give me your opinion which one is the best and please tell me your reason too. Thanks


Yeah, there are many. I haven’t bought any of those but I have acquired PRiVCY Coin (Priv) through airdrop. Its just like deep onion. 20 rounds of airdrops, 5 still to go. I like Priv and DO because they are proof of stake.


depends on how much money you have ?: If you have thousands of dollars, I recommend Monero, but if you have only hundreds of dollars, it’s better to choose XVG, because the price is still cheap and suitable for future investment.


Do pay attention to maximum supply and overall marketcap of coins. They play a vital role.


Verge :v, im staking some verge in last december, but the price is extreamly decrease now :frowning:


Keep on holding, maybe price will increase once market gets full green and bitcoin goes up 8000+.


im buying verge at 0.1 usd, i need much gain to taking back my fund :frowning:


There are other coins on which you can simply make some money but I am not so sure about verge. Never liked it much for no reason. Hope you’ve done your research there.


Atleast they and pornhub made a partnership hahaha. People can buy a premium account at there with verge lol


You can use wankcoin for that, they have a partnership with them too and their overall maximum supply is also less than that of verge.


im not interesting with wank, maybe because the name is weird, verge is much cool by name hehe, anyway if want to invest on privacy, i think monero is the best and most safe


And most expensive too and I don’t like monero’s name :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha, youre funny too, any way what cryptocurrency you love the most?


Only that coin which will make me millionaire. So it keeps on changing :stuck_out_tongue:


The best privacy coin still hold by the monero but i just agree about zencash or i’m interested about the zstarks that will have released by the zcash foundation. Zcoin as the forked of the zcash itself.
But my attention gets pay into the monero. because that already traded in so many exchange site.
And a lot of volume that reflected the interest.


Monero … a coin with a myriad of secrets. many smile when holding the coin, many friends give information that the coin is very feasible for investment


Monero, maybe, many friends also talk about her, but I’m not completely sure.


People don’t realize it but if there would be proper regulations then anomymous coins like monero for which transactions can not be traced will be banned. Governments would like to make sure that no money in the market is unaccounted for and nothing is going for the funding of terrorist/illegal activities.

There are numerous people who think that govt is looting them by taxing them. They justify buying these coins as a way to not pay taxes. Imo they are se retards who wants public facilities like parks, roads, hospitals, police and army protection but don’t want to pay for them as taxes.


Monero is good for laundering money in my opinion