Can BTC become real money like fiat?


I think the greatest part of BTC is that all alt-coins could be exchanged based on BTC in an exchange.
Bitcoin was one that brought blockchain into our world (which was revolutionary), and everyone knows BTC, while they might not know other crypto currencies (even including ethereum) if they have no interest.

But I doubt that BTC could really be a “money”. not only to say the BTC’s price variability, everyone knows that BTC has many technological shorts and there are a lot of others (ETH, QTUM etc) that are way superior in terms of technological parts, starting from protocol agreement structure.

I think that there is a long way left to go when we can say crypto a “money,” but do you think it could be BTC? what is your opinion?


I don’t think so that BTC would become a actual currency. It has so many reasons and one of the major factor is regulations. It needs to be regulated to reach even at par with fiat for the starters.


btc is indeed the first and will always be the best for all cryptocurrency, because without BTC, other cryptocurrency will never exist, because basically other cryptocurrency is just adoption and improvement.
to be a world currency it is difficult, I also cannot speculate about this, because there are many things that must be passed so that bitcoin becomes a recognized currency both in developed and developing countries,
but if I personally strongly disagree if bitcoin becomes a means of payment, the reason is, because the fee is expensive, the time of transfusion is very long,
if I think, BTC is only suitable to be used as an asset, but it is not suitable for payment.