Can Bitcoin reach 10k


Hello, Bitcoin price now not high now Bitcoin price 6.8k. can it’s possible Bitcoin reach 10k end of this year. What you think


I Can’t predict about Bitcoin’s price Because we all know that Bitcoin is highly volatile. So it can be possible that Bitcoin price can reach 10k and I really wish that it will cross 10k.


bitcoin returns to the price of 10,000 usd it could happen, seeing a few years back when bitcoin was present, bitcoin always gave surprises in every decrease and increase.
we as small investors should not be fooled by the falling price, still being held is the key to profit from bitcoin.


all of that has the possibility and opportunity to change the price of bitcoin … we ourselves can only be patient and feel the results later if the changes in bitcoin prices can be more valuable …


Why not? As we all know, bitcoin reached 20k from 10 last year in 10 days. Time in crypto is somewhat like compressed. Price is highly volatile and easily swayed by biggest news, whether positive or negative. Nothing to worry if you believe in the tech and if you invested what you can afford to lose. Blockchain is reaching further industry through new and innovative ideas of brilliant men and women. So, this tech including the crypto has nowehere to go but unless otherwise legally restricted for which we can do nothing.


Many sign indicated bitcoin will making new ATH again, but for this year end i think bitcoin will stand at 8-9k , not reach 10k, but for next year, i believe bitcoin will reach that price


Im thinking it will rise to more than 20k by end of the year, despite the cryptomarket right now is declining. But for Ethereum, i found someone said Ethereum will continue to go down and will probably become a shitcoin. And with that statement, im starting to worry with all the erc tokens im hodling right now.


The market of crypto currency is very unpredictable and various situations are possible. But Bitcoin once already punched the mark of 20k and he will do it again, the question is only in time.


Youre sound optimistic, but i think for this year bitcoin cant go up more than 9k, too many intrics about etf and hacked exchangers at this year


I hope so. A lot of good news were spread over the internet about crypto, if all those who are expecting profit are going to buy all these news the price could probably reach more than $10K. I would have to wait for price to go more than $20K actually, as that was the all time high of BTC. Its got to be great to hold a token that’s worth just a cent to see how much it could grow.


It’s pretty volatile right now and may be some people think this is one of the factor which will not take BTC to its peak again. But I think it’s the other way round, due to high volatility BTC will surely cross 10k mark.


Although the volume of BTC is very high, the level of trust of individuals is high, especially investors. they are still convinced, the value of BTC will experience a movement of up to 20K USD.


If that happens lot of BTC holders going to get rich again.


I am waiting for BTC to hit that mark only.


Having very much possibility… Because at the ending point of year 2017 bitcoin reached $19670 but now bitcoin price is about around $6500 dumping 3 times before in 2017… Expert analysis that bitcoin price will increase again in near November and December 2018 and touch the line of 10k


I hope so that Bitcoin will cross 10k this year and make a new record again. Even we already know that Bitcoin is very volatile by it’s nature. We can’t predict about it’s price but still hoping that Bitcoin will hit all its records again.


I hope bitcoin go to 100.000$ in 2019


i think it can be, much altcoin appear now, thats mean for base curencies like btc or eth will raised up.
bitcoin can touch 20k again soon, but i think not for this year, if much country allow bitcoin for pay transaction i think bitcoin will raised up again because demand need a lot of btc and the supply not added more again


lol, it was very difficult bro, even though it was not impossible :slight_smile: but I’m sure btc can touch 20k usd again, and it’s time for investors to make a profit :slight_smile:


i think not in this year, maybe in Q3 or Q4 2020 bitcoin will stable at that price