Buterin: The market of crypto currency is moving to a new stage


The market of crypto-currencies, which produced an incredible furore in the financial, and not only, sector is now moving to a new stage - the stage of wide adoption. This stage implies a relatively stable, and most importantly real, cost of cryptresources. So, you can forget about the explosive growth of the course in tens and hundreds of times in a short period.

This opinion was expressed by the Canadian programmer of Russian origin Vitalik Buterin, co-founder and former editor of the printed magazine Bitcoin Magazine, co-founder of the second most popular crypto currency, Ethereum.

During the Ethereum-dedicated conference and technology conference in Hong Kong, Buterin said that the explosive growth of the market has already exhausted itself, and now the crypto-currencies from the subject of general interest are moving towards real widespread use in the world economy. He noted that the reason for the end of the growth stage is the increased awareness of people in the field of crypto-currency.

"If you ask an average educated person about the blockchain, he will most likely reply that he has heard about this technology at least once. There is no chance for a thousandfold growth of anything on the market in the near future, "said the programmer.

A similar opinion is shared by Yahoo Finance analyst Dan Roberts. According to him, the Bitcoin exchange rate, in the future, is unlikely to rise above $ 15,000.

What do you think about it?


Indeed, the presence of cryptocurrency is enough to change people’s views about the future economic system, no wonder they who enter the cryptocurrency world will say that the cryptocurrency will be the currency in the future, if it really happens, maybe now is the time to hold many digital currencies


Of course, now is the time to keep a lot of crypto currency, because it can bring you very large profits in the future.


buterin said, x1000 era is cant appear again in future, its make me sad :frowning: Crypto is more like a stocks nowaday


I agree, it’s very sad. We all will hope that Buterin made a mistake.


he is bitcoin enthusiast since beginning, i think all words come from he is truth, but who know about market, we just hope people see opportunity again in crypto, so they will come and make price rising once again


Of course x1000 is not possible but you can still get x20 which is way much more than stocks market. You don’t get more than 40-50% in a year in stock market even when you are lucky.


No one can say anything about crypto industry which will be 100% true in future. These are just estimates, not facts and estimates do get wrong. So stay optimistic :slight_smile:


Yes, but stocks is more safer to bet than crypto, so this is make me dillema, but i hope crypto will be more safer in near future


More safer will not give you multi-fold rewards. greater the risk, greater is the reward. Can’t say anything about future but presently we need to be little cautious of scams.


Yes im agree, no pain no gain :v anyway how much profit that you already get in crypto investment?


Today, we need to choose between safety of shares and high income of crypto-currencies. I think that investments in crypto-currencies will be more secure in the future.


The market of crypto currency is very interesting because nobody knows what kind of income it can make. This intrigue makes many invest here.


Haha. I’ve lost more than 80% of my invested amount all because of my initial mistakes which I committed when I first entered the market and bought coins at their all time high. Since then, I’m trying to recover but seems this bear market doesn’t want me to win. I learned from my mistakes and now trying no to repeat them.


There should be a balance between high risk investments and safe investements. Both are equally important. Risky investments mostly depend on luck, if your luck is with you then you might earn savings of lifetime in a single shot but that is not always the case. Those lucky ones are really very few. Its better to maintain the balance.


This uncertainty is equally interesting and dangerous and that’s what attracts people like me to it more :wink: I’ve lost enough here but I’m still here in hopes of making back all my losses and even some gains because this is all possible here.


Yap, im agree with you, i believe crypto will be safer if the etf accepted, and also many huge investor will come if this accepted, 1Trillion cap will easy to reach soon


Yes, the keyword is an opportunity, in cryptomarket are huge opportunities. You just need to use them correctly to get good results.


Yes, of course, there must necessarily be a balance between high risk investments and safe investments. Otherwise, instead of income, you can only get losses.


If etf is accepted then huge institutional investment will be there. 1 trillion will be really easy to achieve but then risk to reward ratio will decrease too.