BTC ....The savior! really


BTC actually the savior for those who live in a country having incresing Inflation. Because they can get the freedom to join the world market and can buy goods in reasonable price for their needs. SO it is obviously a savior, is in’t it


As a country suffers from the high inflation rate, the best option for this population would be investments in cryptomoedas, in the BTC case (higher market value, and because of its volatility it has a good yield: if used correctly), not to mention its many uses. Making the BTC a savior for these citizens.


But its risky too and the fact that there woukd be only 21 miilion bitcoins and at least 3-4 millions of them has been lost permanently, we’ll see great inflation in bitcoin too when demand increases.


What are Cryptomoedas?


Have a good reading.