[Bounty]Leaxcoin are giving 300M tokens in 9 weeks!


When will the leaxcoin bounty end?


join it today
look greats project
i think will be successfully project soon
Spirit LeaxCoin Teams
together we can success


This is the sixth week from 22-28. Bounty is for 9 weeks only.

Welcome mate. Make good posts to get good stakes. Good Luck.

Have a good day.


welcome to new friends who joined.
this is the new Leaxcoin forum, Give support and positive posts in this forum, and hopefully it will grow.


Yes leaxcoin bounty campaign are giving us 300M token which is the most biggest bounty campaign in current recent time. I hope leaxcoin project can make me more profitable person before others campaign. I deeply support and like this bounty campaign very much. Everybody should work with leaxcoin bounty project.


Super amazing bounty campaign… It awards us a huge amount of Leaxcoin token. In forum campaign allowed 20% of 300M equal to 60M Leaxcoin.


Yep, 60 million for this forum for only 9 weeks and there aren’t many people who are very active. So be active, create good posts and you’ll have a chance to get a big chunk of those 60 million leaxcoin.


Yes sir, thanks for giving me advice, you are really great perfect man… If i always active and post constructive quality post, then i will get much payment as Leaxcoin. I think Leaxcoin bounty project really makes me rich…


If we working properly then we get a huge amount of token that exchange a huge amount of dollars then I would buy a luxurious car and I would give a major portion to my family.


Yes, if we all more active here and post more quality and valuable contents on Leaxcoin Forum definitely we will earn more Leaxcoin. Leaxcoin can make us rich very soon.


Wow. So many comments on this topic. No doubt this is one of the best bounties I have seen in a while and the bounty managers are really good. Lets just hope that the project thrives and we get some good returns.


Forum creation is an effective option for filtering communities. suggestions and criticisms from users can be clearly monitored by Leaxcoin. I hope there is support from other projects to use a special community forum.


Leaxcoin bounty ends in week 6 or 18 of October?


Leaxcoin bounty was supposed to end on 19th Oct but unfortunately it was ended eary on it’s 6th week. Why ? I also don’t know the reason.


What happened to Lexcoin, hopefully in good condition. we are waiting for the next news, anyone knows the latest Leaxcoin information must inform in this forum.


we all hoping same hope with you, just wait patienly for updates from the team


Well the bounty is over, and some participants got their tokens.


maybe for me this is the chance we are lucky to be able to join this great project …


This is already finished.