[Bounty]Leaxcoin are giving 300M tokens in 9 weeks!


leaxcoin hardcap, wow its so fast, good job leax, see you on top. #LeaxHodler #LeaxArmy


This is great. When projects are not even getring minimum desired funding, leax is already sold our before time. We aew definitely going to moon with this.


Yes, lets see what leax can do with this hardcap, i hope easy x10 from leax


This is actually funny that Tokens are sold out but bounty is still running but its a great thing that they are still continuing their bounty as per their promise with total interest. 10x will be easily achieved in my opinion too.


what you say is true. many heads must have many ideas. The members of this forum are still few. This platform must more often promote this forum on social media.


We are at most 40-50 who are active here. As a matter of fact, we’ll get more rewards due to no competition but I would like if there were more members, more thoughts and ideas regarding crypto.


I’m taking a bonus on bitcointalk. that’s a great campaign. Good luck to all of you


What bonus? Are you implying only for leaxcoin or some other good projects’ bounty? Do share.


if gift information is quickly shared, we have not received a prize for a long time. The drought continues to hit, many ICO projects have been delay


One of the good projects for which I was doing bounties, declared that they are cancelling the peoject because they couldn’t reach softcap. They’ll come back later when market conditions will ve better. This is not good for all of us. I want to have a coin which will give me at least 10x for once at least.


I have joined this bounty campaign and it’s looking forward to more offers like this. Good luck with this real estate thing. This is a great opportunity for an excellent project #Leaxcoin!


Nice thinking dude. Yes ,more member doing more thought’s. And more idea’s coming to our network.


Joining, hope will be succesfully project ico
good luck
i look at whitepapper thats like promising project


Good Luck to you too :slight_smile:

We sure hope this project to touch the skies.


for the current condition I think it’s hard to find the project to give 10x. There are many reasons for now, achieving the project softcap is good


yes. everyone hopes so. hopefully when the distribution of tokens is balanced with good market conditions


My hope is that the maximum token will take flight. seeing the conducive condition of his team, the development of this platform will succeed.


Whole market is down and there is QNT (Quant) which is already 7x from last two weeks and increasing slowly. SO there are projects which will do exceptionally well at any time.


I just can’t wait this bounty to end and get the tokens. I just hope that this one pays and makes us a little rich.


That’s what I’m hoping for and focusing on this project only at the moment.