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thats a slang word, you can search what its mean by google translate, you need to search that word on slang dictionary lol


Yep, writing and discussing things about crypto are fun for me too. I fancy a good discussion with a person who is in crypto market for some time and have learned something. this way, I learn something too plus I like writing too and we get rewarded for the things we like, then there is nothing better than that :slight_smile:


joining bounty telegram, thank you


same, sharing information is very enjoyable. I just joined this crypto world, so there are still many things that I don’t know yet. sometimes there are lots of crypto terms that I don’t understand yet, what’s more about the term mining world I can only read but don’t understand the meaning.


thank you Rosalina for joining in my link. hopefully fun and get good information.


There are many things which I don’t know even now but I’m trying to learn. I don’t shy away from asking stupid questions to people about crypto and in return, I learn something. There are people who are willing to help others to learn about this market and I really like those. Just some other day, I asked a question regarding mining and a person literally tried to explain that to me for the next 40 minutes for which he won’t get anything but still. Those people are the ones I like and want to talk to them more.


yes sir, getting wise people is sometimes difficult if we don’t want to know, sometimes in front of our eyes but we just stay quiet and confused what we want. 40 minutes is amazing, but it’s not worth the knowledge in the 40. thank you sir, for the various information.


More we share knowledge, more people will have access to that info/knowledge, more people will benefit from it. Keep spreading/sharing what you know and world will become a better place to live in :slight_smile:


“seek knowledge to the pit of your grave” is the saying we must remember. I am sure that everything based on knowledge will bring us peace.


wow so many replies here, im busy in real life, not active in last 4days lol, but im back now


welcome back friend, quickly reply to the post on your link to get the maximum prize. this is a good forum, hopefully it will grow and be comparable to other social media.


Thanks mate, yeah, this forum so active even in early phase, i hope this forum will bring more users in near future


It’ll grow. The bounty manager is awesome. Only account I have seen with +10 trust :slight_smile:

If this was bull season, there would be x10 people here than now. Well, more is good but if not then more rewards for us. So all is good :slight_smile:


if you want to have a lot of friends who often discuss cryptocurrency to get a lot of knowledge, then you have to enter several large forums and join there. and if you want something else you can enter the telegram group about cryptocurrency or bounti and airdrop.


Bull will coming soon, just wait and buy good amount of coins at this price, every coins is undervalue nowaday


I’m on some good forums. Tried telegrams group too but they are not worth wasting your time there.

Every coin is undervalued but some will never rise up because of lack of developments. So choose wisely before investing even at this stage.


good luck. if the forum is big and popular later, the forum holder should give credit to the first user. like us. :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Yeah, like some royalty :grin: that would be really great :wink:


Hahaha, yes, and we are the first users to get high ranking in this forum :v, see you on top mbak :slight_smile:


it should be like that, now the best time to buy coins. a little investment has happened hopefully next year can buy a train. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: