[Bounty]Leaxcoin are giving 300M tokens in 9 weeks!


Sorry, I do not understand what you mean. basically all can join this forum.


I hope too. various support comes to Leaxcoin especially from this forum. however, I see this forum is still a little user. maybe the Leaxcoin team lacks promotion on social media.


Its not about promotion, most people prefer twitter and facebook bounties because they don’t have to think anything there. But here, a person has to think and then write something, that’s why there are little number of users on this forum. Guess more rewards for all of us :slight_smile:


Yeah, one of the rarest opportunity. I mean, how many good projects you have seen which has a unique vision and a great team with great bounty rewards? Most good projects don’t give away much coins in airdrop or bounties but here you can get plenty of them by doing easy bounty tasks.


I joined this forum and participate Leaxcoun bounty


There is no rule like newbie cannot join it or can’t post on bitcointalk. Anybody who has a bitcointalk account can join it.


youre welcome, an indonesian translator, i hope you will be active in this forum too, all hail crypto, all hail leax, all hail indonesian :slight_smile:


I don’t know whether leax coin will actually give 300M tokens for 9 weeks, but the reason I joined the content creator forum was because I wrote and the good value I got was rewarded (if that really happened), because there was nothing more fun than writing.
and I just joined the forum, fb and twittter did not participate because they only spam on social media. but I also don’t hate that, because everyone has different interests in expressing themselves.


Helo, i like about real estate and properties, hope can spread good news about Leaxcoin :slight_smile:


if you like real estate and property, you can visit it in other leaxcoin forums, because leax coin has many themes that are discussed, such as real estate, and what you comment on is not the place you should (maybe). I just tried to remind you, if I am wrong please justify, because I am also new.


great you. various social media are used to support the Leaxcoin platform. good luck friends


right, the BTT account rank does not become a size.
this is the first real estate platform that I support, before I never. I hope this platform will sell smoothly.


regards, i am also from indonesia.


yes. the point is we only support this platform. I hope the plan to sell Leaxcoin tokens is on target.


many indonesian here, almost all of them is bounty hunter, i think the only one investor from indonesia in this group is @ayatoslaw , hes portopolio is great, hodling 9btc and 23 eth


ouch, are you serious,:hot_face: I feel, what I invest even more than that, but please don’t say by many people, I’m ashamed to admit it :flushed:


you must admit it, and give us lessons about how to be a succesful man like you in this volatile crypto market


I can’t talk much about that, because at that time, when I woke up, suddenly there were several tens of bitcoin entering my wallet, I think that was a gift from Santa Claus because it had been more than 15 years, I never got a Christmas gift from him, so sad right :sob:


Maybe you need to do more coli like you was, maybe you’ll get that present again, go go go ayat go


what is bro, I feel, your words are not in accordance with the English dictionary, because my google translete is “syntax error”, can you give me a clearer explanation about it, thanks :slight_smile: