[Bounty]Leaxcoin are giving 300M tokens in 9 weeks!


Leaxcoin is a decentralized global currency that adopts Ethereum blockchain technology, a leader in the evolution of smart contracts.
Joined for Bounty Campaign this project


Ive joined the bounty and is looking forward to more offers like this. It is an opportunity to work for advertising Leaxcoin. I quickly joined as soon as I saw the thread in bitcointalk as I got curious and found out that the project is real and I see a lot of potentials as it mainly focuses on real estates.


add more info:
Bounty Allocation

300.000.000 is allocated for bounty campaign

β–ˆ Ambassadors campaign 25%
β–ˆ Translation - 15%
β–ˆ Forum- 20%
β–ˆ Content Creation (Forum, Medium, Steemit) - 20%
β–ˆ Twitter campaign- 15%
β–ˆ Telegram- 5%


LeaxCoin is a new platform in the real estate sector, but supported by a professional team. You can support this platform through the campaign link. Choose the campaign you like, and you can join the platform token sales at http://leax.io/


oh yeah, i just participate on leaxcoin bounty, ive apply on bitcointalk, good luck with this real estate thing


yeah, this is the best bounty 2018


I just participate in Leax Bounty Campaign


Welcome to the team guys! :slight_smile: Let us help spread the good news to social medias. At the same time, we also get paid with Leax tokens, definitely worth it as the world of real estates is advancing and adapting blockchain technologies.


ya sir. I only support, and promote this platform. all sectors need changes including the real estate industry sector. Leaxcoin provides convenience to the sector, and benefits the community.
good luck friend.


I can only agree, now is a really good time to invest into Leaxcoin, don’t miss out on this project is going to be a huge success.


just now I was joined your bounty campaign at bitcointalk t is great opportunity for all bounty hunters get free leaxcoin so do not miss a great Opportunites.


me too. Even though the market conditions are no longer good, I’m sure the conditions are now the right time to invest in crypto coins including in Leaxcoin. my estimate next year will be better.


Thank you, sir, for supporting the Leaxcoin platform. I’m sure this platform will be successful, because their extraordinary promotions in various social media are supported by a team that is very communicative in my opinion.


I think like that, we only support this platform to develop better. And this platform team is very solid too.


Well, I was worried too if the project is real especially after seeing that they were giving 300 million tokens, that is 15 of total in bounties but I can say that this is real. I have read the whitepaper too, this is a project with unique vision. I just wish I would have found this 2 weeks ago.


yeah, down market is always good to invest some more fiat because when the market will recover, everyone will be in green and everyone will get benefit. Leaxcoin will surely be a good investment too due to its vision.


yes. I think everything is in accordance with team planning. I hope the smoothness of the token sales period, the allocation of tokens for bounties is more beneficial if the token sales are in accordance with the plan.


i could have join, but i cant post on bitcointalk

as newbies are unable to post


enthusiasm to promote all the concepts that this project has …
it all starts from our seriousness and hopes to give the best for this project …


Yes, this is a great opportunity in an excellent project #Leaxcoin! I wish the team successful development and everyone the big profit!