Bounty hunters are a job


Do you think bounty hunters are a job in your spare time, additional income or is it the main job and the main income of people


I have focused on working online, I have left offline work for 1 year. so, crypto has become my new job.


I also doing so because this crypto is most charming
And many super project keep coming time to time as leaxcoin I working for
Lead is really unique


That depends on what the status of the bounty hunter as most of the higher ranking members consider it already as a job or just a pastime since they have joined, while other members do it at their free time or additional income. As for me I do the latter as you can see from my status.


Depending on how well you can earn form it and how you see this industry. If you are looking for investment, then bounty hunting is one good source of it. Instead of spending much fiat currency, you can do various activities and hold the tokens/coins you earn and classify them as your investment. As for me, I am considering to hold most of my coins from bounty hunting and treat them as investment. I choose the projects where I should invest more time and effort in doing bounties as I treat them as investment which I believe will grow in proper time. And some as additional income and sometimes as additional capital for trading to make it grow and then buy back.


really so i participate good bounty time to time and get good amount of coins and tokens
just like leaxcoin bounty i am currently working for
leax is very well planed project so i like this most