Blockchain+Real Estate--> Is Coming Sooner Than You Think


Blockchain real estate transactions, records, and marketplaces could radically change the way we think about property. Current systems for tracking and trading real estate are disjointed and inefficient. There’s an enormous opportunity for blockchain to standardize and secure real estate data. Land records, property listings, leases and mortgages, and government property tax offices could all benefit from a blockchain real estate revolution.

The challenge, of course, is that real estate is an enormous industry with many players including lenders, brokers, local governments, and private citizens. Changing to a blockchain-based real estate system isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. That said, various parties are experimenting with blockchain all along the real estate value chain to find ways to integrate the new technology.

One of the most exciting applications of blockchain real estate is smart contract management. Currently, any real estate transaction requires mountains of paperwork and hours of coordination between the bank, broker, seller, buyer, and local government. It’s possible to imagine a world where smart contracts handle most of that burden.

Not only that, but what if smart contracts handled rental agreements, commercial real estate tenancy, and other ongoing types of real estate transactions. Smart contracts could also help brokers automate due diligence on potential buyers/lessees. Blockchain real estate could create trust between parties on a level that doesn’t currently exist.


Blockchain real estate could create trust between parties on a level that doesn’t currently exist.

This is true, undoubtedly.

I believe that Blockchain will bring a positive change in everything. Bitcoin was just starting, Blockchain will have endless applications, real estate +Blockchain is one of them.


Yeah. Blockchain technology can make things for real property industry more efficient and cost effective. Plus it can help a lot of consumers to boost their confidence over their rights on the property in question come the rise of any dispute.Legally, this can help a lot more buyers/lessee.


Yes, that’s right. World real estate is a huge and complex industry. It is difficult for new consumers to understand it. Blockchain technology will help simplify and make all types of real estate transactions more transparent.