Blockchain and Smarthomes: Will It Work?


Blockchain and Smart homes might be the next big thing. With the real estate industry continually on the move, the mix with the Internet Of Things appears to be a logical step forward.

In the next few years, Blockchain technology will change the world as we know it now. The number of blockchain investments and activities is increasing sharply. This is most clearly reflected in the various proofs-of-concept of Blockchain companies. However, it will take some time before some of these projects are ready to be officially launched on the market. However, already today the advantages of the blockchain-technology for companies as well as governments cannot be denied.

As we know, the cryptocurrency market has once again taken a nosedive in the past weeks, and it is common for every industry to have its ups and downs. The market must first free itself of all the garbage and that projects were needed that could really connect to the real market and offer a foreseeable added value. This would allow a person who was not familiar with blockchain technology to be involved.

So, for you, what do you think?