Bittrex will open a crypto-exchange in Latin America


American crypto-exchange Bittrex recently cooperated with a blockchain start-up to launch a new crypto-trading platform in Latin America called Cryptofacil.

The new exchange will be almost completely supervised by Bittrex: American colleagues will provide it with legal, personnel and marketing assistance.

On the new platform will be available about 300 trading pairs with more than 200 crypto-currencies. To replenish the balance, users will be able to use their regular cards from Mastercard and Visa.

At the same time, Bittrex executive director, Bill Shihara, believes that this partnership is primarily aimed at “the global introduction of crypto-currencies and blockchain.” In addition, he said that both Bittrex and Cryptofacil will create their own incubation program for the development of blockchain start-ups.


This is good. A fiat to crypto exchange is always good so that there is no problem of putting more money into crypto whenever user finds fit. It gives them some freedom of taking profits into fiat too whenever they want.

I just hope my country allows exchanges like these too. It would become very easy for us to trade then.