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Bitcoin Progress

This is how Bitcoin progress seems to be going… Up a thousand. Stuck. Up another thousand, stuck. Up another, and stuck again. Currently at around $8000. So what is there to look forward to? The price seems to be growing organically a little, and then a sudden leap as big investors buy in. Where next? My guess is $9000, and then $10k. Who knows after that?

It’s hard to trace these big investments, worth billions , to suddenly jump the value of Bitcoin by $1000 at a time. Big investors farm out their investments to others so that they don’t attract too much attention to themselves, and then the buying happens on multiple platforms by hundreds of people all at once.

Who has the clout to do such a thing? I’d take a guess that it is investment bankers like Goldman Sachs or even the IRS. A government? Who knows how much Bitcoin they are holding, if not directly then through others who feed it back into multiple offshore accounts? It’s untraceable. A black op within a black op.

The next question comes to why bankers and governments would interfere with Bitcoin progress, and I think I know the answer. It’s perhaps going to be another pump and dump , designed to not only make a lot of money for the holders/traders, but to destabilise Bitcoin in the eyes of the general public. Who amongst the techno-savvy is going to want to invest at $20,000 if there’s a sudden sell-off and the value drops back off to $10,000 or less, meanwhile doubling the investment of those who put billions in?


Whales can and they do manipulate the whole market while pump and dump groups don’t have that juice. They can pump and dump only a few specific coins at a time.


true, the btc market monopoly is possible. the big whale has that power, the information: last week there was a big pope investing 2 trillion to buy btc.


And BTC dominates the market, so when BTC goes down, everything goes down with it. Every time.


so why we think negative about bitcoin and others coins if we want profit then we will have to make strong our will and follow big one
because they Extensive Knowledge for market future


it’s hard to guess the development of bitcoin prices, the prices that keep going up and down with great speed make us have to be vigilant and trust the assets we hold.


That sudden movement is caused by sudden bulk buying or selling which is carried out by whales. So don’t just dump anything when market dumps. Don’t trade based on emotions.


i never trade based on emotions
i trade only when market is in good mood and may be fruitful for me
or if doing against me i hold it tight


You already have good capital and you now have qualities to become a good trader. You shouldn’t waste time on bounties and make BIG money by trading daily.