Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies will accelerate the pace of development thanks to new bills of the US Congress


The process of distribution of crypto currency and blocking technology in the US received another impetus in the form of three bills proposed by US congressman Tom Emmer.

New bills are devoted to the development of crypto-currencies and to the support of the fintech industry. In general, the texts of the draft laws give the impression that their author has a clear and adequate idea of ​​digital assets.

The documents also touch upon the benefits of smartphone technology, its application as a means of popularizing the blockchain and effective use scenarios.

The texts of the bills also indicate that politicians place safety and protection of users first.

In addition, the draft laws contain provisions aimed at protecting the taxpayer through “forged” digital assets. It is also envisaged to fine those who complain about the owners of assets until the tax service proposes a consistent tax plan.

Mention of the tax service echoes the letter of the group of American lawmakers addressed to her, in which they stated that digital assets and crypto-currencies, in particular, should be taxed.


haha … it turns out my prediction is the same as the American parliament. There is a great opportunity in crypto market transactions, namely a very large amount of money and it must be taxed.
I propose a progressive tax rate that best matches crypto transactions.


Tax should not be linked to the number of transactions if in my opinion if that’s what you are suggesting. A person should be taxed on the gaine he/she made. It may happen that a person made many transactions but he/she was still in loss and taxing him would not be good.

If you’re trying to say something else and I have misunderstood you, then please correct me.


I still believe in the crypto market, there are lots of benefits as far as crypto is concerned. The price may be down today, with patience u will realise it pays when the price becomes stable in the near future.


Thanks for the summaries, this is great. Please keep doing it! Cheers!


That’s the sole reason of creating this forum, to discuss things. Do give your opinions too. Cheers.