Big corporations fell in love with the blockchain


The popularity of solutions, in which the technology of distributed registries of blockchain is involved, has grown by 11% among large world companies in 2018. Such estimates were shared by analysts of the English company Juniper Research.

According to analysts, companies in the field of logistics, as well as for information verification tasks, not to mention companies planning to use smart contracts, show considerable interest of blockchain-making.

In addition, companies will continue to invest in the development of blockchain-making decisions, serious amounts. So, according to the research, companies that have already invested more than $ 100,000 in block projects, plan to save investments in the next 12 months at least in the previous volumes.

As believed in Juniper, this indicates the positive experience of the companies of the blockchain pioneers, and so much that it would be enough to move to the next stage of integration.

According to IDC estimates, by 2022 world companies will spend 11.7 billion on blockchain-development. By the end of this year, investments in blockchain equipment will exceed 1.5 billion.


It is fitting for this technology to be adopted by various companies. I think only blockchain technology is adopted, not the digital money.


Digital money is just another application of Blockchain Technology. Even if crypto vanishes, blockchain will be here forever.

The thing that makes crypto interesting is the blockchain technology, not the other way around.


It’s good to hear about blockchain


I think only blockchain technology is adopted, not the digital money
and bockchain will never die always be used


But we want digital money too to be accepted worldwide so that we can trade easily and make some money to buy a Lambo.


no doubt digital currency also will be accepted worldwide and all we can make money in this amazing new world


I hope that day comes soon, especially in my country. I’ll be trading full time in few years then and will retire with a huge sum of money :slight_smile: