Beware of HACKERS!


A serious subject! (Theft of portfolios)
Airdrop Scam.
These days there is a promotion of some of the erydrobates of the coins and some are victims of registration and pay the bill that the loss of his portfolio.
briefly :
When you register Airdrop and you are asked to enter your wallet or insert the private-key or click on the wallet link to make sure you complete your registration in the Airdrop, cancel your work and know that there is a theft of your data. Some scammers create a site similar to Myetherwallet. Or add to the main site of the portfolio and then click on the link in the Adurdop, which will take you to your wallet here steal your data, especially the pre-emptive portfolio

Notice :

Do not open your wallet except through the official website of the portfolio
Beware of e-mails that have an invitation to register in a website or e-mail.
For example, airdrop Scam is the same way to steal data and also sends an e-mail (invitation to register) which is now widespread these days and many have fallen victim to it
Please pay attention and caution
good luck for everbody.