Automobile concern Porsche over the next 5 years will increase investments in blockchain start-ups by 150 million euro


On the site of the German car manufacturer Porsche AG on September 25, a press release was published, according to which the company plans to increase investments in start-ups working with blockchain and artificial intelligence by 150 million euros over the next 5 years.

Increasing the share of venture capital in Porsche business is necessary to gain access to trends, new technologies and business models.

The manufacturer of sports cars strives to invest in companies that are at an early stage of development and are engaged in future technologies, including artificial intelligence, blocking technology, virtual and augmented reality.

Earlier, Porsche entered into an agreement with the Berlin start-up XAIN, so the company began to discover the possibilities of using blockchain technology in cars. In a press release the day before yesterday, it is noted that Porsche Ventures is already a minority shareholder in the company, which uses distributed registry technology to manage a database of vintage cars.

It is worth noting that in March of this year, the auto concern Daimler AG, known for the brands Mercedes-Benz and Smart, began to test the digital currency on the blockchain called MobiCoin. With the help of this crypto currency, it is planned to reward drivers who adhere to the principles of economically sound driving.

In addition, in March, another German automaker Audi reported testing the capabilities of the blockchain for the processes of material and financial distribution.


I just hope more and more famous companies are adopting this technology. automatically the development of crypto coins will increase in value, and now it’s time to set aside money for the purchase of btc or other crypto.


Time will pass and all companies around the world will use the technology of blockchain. It will be as easy as the Internet today.