Australia’s First Dollar-Backed Crypto Stablecoin to be Launched in 2019


Just like has already happened with the US Dollar and the Euro, among others, Australia is about to get its first Aussie-backed stablecoin.

This will be made possible by a partnership between Bit Trade, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia, and blockchain employment platform, Emparta. The two firms will collaborate in designing and launching the stablecoin which is expected to be launched next year.

According to the managing director of Bit Trade, Jonathon Miller, the AUD-backed stablecoin will fill a gap that exists in the market as it will act as a buffer against the wild fluctuations associated with cryptocurrencies.

“Stablecoins solve one of the principal issues that may drive investors seeking steady returns and merchants that currently accept traditional currency away from digital currencies: volatility,” wrote Miller in a statement. “We believe that stablecoins will boost trust, accelerate wide-spread adoption, and could function as the backbone of blockchain-based financial applications, especially here in Australia given the favourable regulatory environment.”


this very good news i want more and more country come ahead for crypto currency
and give their support


As soon as India will accept crypto, we’ll also see a ₹ (INR) backed crypto coin in the market too.

Usdt and tusd and there are others whonare foing the same thing. I don’t understand what’s the need of creating more and more of these.