Around the world will open embassies to popularize crypto currency


Representatives of the international non-profit organization Mile Unity Foundation are ready to establish a whole network of such representations in order to popularize knowledge about the crypto industry.

As the global ambassador of the organization Yury Gugnin noted, the key goal of the embassies is to train people from different spheres, including civil servants, how to correctly use digital assets.

"Within the framework of regular round tables, corporations and states formulate tasks that can be solved with the help of blocking technologies. Then, to meet these challenges, hackathons gather, where teams from all over the world can manifest themselves, and with successful tasks, start cooperation with large customers, "Gougnin said.

According to the initiators, the project should help legalize the virtual assets industry, create conditions for the availability of blocking technology for the majority in various sectors of the economy. For example, one of the developments will be the decentralized stebblecoin XDR algorithm.

"At the end of 2017, we got acquainted with Lotus Mile - a kind of collective virtual image of an anonymous community of cryptographers from different countries. She proposed a solution to create a new, decentralized IMF 2.0, in which each country in the world can emit global steblkoins by an open algorithm, "said a representative of the Mile Unity Foundation.

He noted that XDR, by analogy with Bitcoin, will not have an owner, a token, which will make it really a universal and free means for storing and transferring values

The first embassy appeared in early September in Seoul, South Korea.

At the public hearings that took place this summer in the US Congress, digital currencies were also discussed.

A key idea supported by many participants of the event was that crypto currencies are able to quickly change the regulatory jurisdictions in which they exist, since they can move from one state to another.

Former top manager of Goldman Sachs Gary Gensler Gensler called the current state of the crypto-currency industry “Wild West”. He also noted that the US Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) should have more powers to solve current difficulties.

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