Are we looking at bull market now?


After the Dec-Jan hype almost 7 months ago when the BTC went over the 19000 price, we are in bear market with the bitcoin price movement in the range of 5000-10000. After the bitcoin etf was postponed and later rejected, we saw btc dipped below the levels of 6000$.

After almost a month, Bitcoin has now broken 7200 resistance and touched 7250. Is it finally the starting of the bull run we have all been waiting for so long or is it just another bull trap? Do share your thoughts.


yes, mate it is looking like the crypto market is going to run a bull market like last year in December. let’s see what will be going to happen in the crypto market.


BTC market is highly volatile and it’s not that easy to tell right now I guess. Let us wait for some more time.


That’s what I thought, there are two things that we will face as small investors, first by the end of the year there will be a storm of massive price increases, be it bitcoin and altcoin, and secondly, the end of the year will be a cryptocurrency history that will cost big,
maybe for a second opinion it is difficult for us to believe, if we look at the experience of a few years ago. but all this can happen because there is a game that has been planned.


Looks like we have to wait for few days/months more due to the decline in prices of bitcoin which were caused because 1 billion worth of tokens were mobilised and people panicked seeing the movement of that much bitcoin. Market manipulations are at peak, but I believe that we are still due for a bull market run, maybe sooner than later.


Anything can happen in a small span of time. It can go down or up. The problem sometimes is, the market seems to be manipulated by those who are in control of the the total supply of BTC. Those holders with huge capability to bring down or up the market easily. Hopefully, this is another bullrun, else we got to hold on tight and hibernate for awhile.


Yeah, a few whales can manipulate the whole market according to their need. After all, all they need to do is to manipulate the bitcoin and whole market will follow the trend due to bitcoin dominance over the market.


Bull market will come but no one is so sure when it will happen. We all want to see bull market again this month but it may not happen easily since the market is very volatile this year and anytime it can pump and dump.


The correction had to happen and it has happened, now we are here because of market manipulations by whales, when whales think its time to go up, we’ll go up and enter into bull run.