Are a gigantic fees of ICO in the past?


August was the worst month in 2018 for projects that raised funds through the ICO. The market is also not happy with the growth trends. Given that the ICO sphere is under pressure due to the high growth of fraud, it is possible that the market will not be the same as before.

In the mid-to-late 2017, the main growth factor for BTC and ETH was their use as a means of raising money to promote ICO projects. They used smart contracts and ERC20 tokens, giving project developers access to people interested in supporting their solutions by simply sending crypto currency.

The standard smart contract of the ERC20 standard led to the appearance of the Ethereum blockbuster and created one of the first real options for using smart contracts on the blockroom as a tool for raising funds. Given the popularity and availability of Ethereum and Bitcoin, they were generally the main choice for ICO.

However, in recent years, the fall in the rate has cooled and ICO. Projects that had stocks in ETH and BTC began to realize that the value of their assets dropped significantly as the prices for crypto-currencies fell.

Such a scenario is relevant to many ICO projects that are beginning to worry about the diminishing value of the crypto-currencies they collected during the ICO.

In the short term, this means a potentially dangerous situation for crypto investors. After all, if the projects sell out ETH and BTC, which currently make up 68% of the market capitalization of the market, then any movement at a price will seriously affect the whole sector.

In general, although ICO-projects seem to really have to tighten their belts, everything is not so bad. Because now projects will be able to focus on product development and profitability of the project.

Your opinion on this matter?


Fall in prices of crypto currencies, especially in Ethereum prices has hurt all the projects which were going to launch now or in next few months. ICOs are not able to raise desired amount of funds for the development of their project. Most projects are delaying their launch and some have even started the refund process. This is not good for the overall market in my opinion.


The most important thing is that we can not influence this situation. We need to have patience and wait for a better market, and it will definitely come.


We can and we are influencing this situation in negative way. Panic of newbies and uninformed investors is contributing more to the already worse conditions. Patience is the key but that quality is rare now a days.