Any chance to feedback in 2017 (+19k) bitcoin price


Currencies market analysis we show that ending of 2017 bitcoin and Ethereum price was around $19k and $1.4K respectively… But now we can see the present market which showing red signal in prices charts… All altcoins is in dumping, have any chance to feedback 2017 markets again???


I think feedback like 2017 is not possible because expert forecast bitcoin and ethereum price increase but not same as 2017, 19k and 1.4k… Till December bitcoin would not exceed 10k may be.


May be impossible, because dumping markets fears the people /investors, so the have no agreement to invest in market. Many bitcoin traders have to face huge loss of prices declination. So they don’t invest in bitcoin, as Ethereum investors also same case.


yes. I don’t think the 2017 period will be repeated. however, crypto coins open new sheets in mid 2018 after various negative sentiments in the crypto market. Current conditions, I see it has begun to improve, my prediction of a rise in btc is only 7500 dollar and ethereum is only 500 dollar


Yes if Ethereum price is around $500 and bitcoin price around $7500 just we happy… I have already invested 10 Ethereum when Ethereum price was $480, now my 10 Ethereum turns to $2000 totally… I am waiting for bumping.


Don’t worry. If you’re holding ether and bitcoin then you don’t need to worry. These coins have maximum potential and they’ll keep on growing. Price is down due to bearish trend and there will be reversal, sooner or later.