Analysts predict the beginning of bitcoin price growth


A report published today by Group-IB and Recorded Future, respectively, reveal that Marine Chain Platform is a scam originating from North Korea – that uses cryptocurrency scams and fake digital coin offerings to raise money for the government.

The report explained about a scam called Marine Chain operated by a network of North Korea enablers in Singapore, and mentioned about other coins, called interstellar, Stellar, HOLD, or HUZU, also possibly tied to North Korea.

According to the report, the HOLD coin has been listed and delisted on a series of crypto exchanges, eventually defrauding investors in a scam staking scheme.

The Marine Chain website was hosted on four different IP addresses during its lifetime. One of these addresses had previously hosted fraudulent trading site Binary Tilt, which was declared fraudulent by Canada and resulted in losses ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for dozens of individuals.

The domain registration history for marine-chain (( shows the IP address was last active Sept. 10, the report said. A search on the internet shows that the website is currently…

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