Alt coin market going down reason


The reason is not enough money is investing in the altcoin market. All those that wants to buy altcoins have already bought and not many people are buying. You have to remember that there was a huge number of icos last year and these devs need to sell the tokens/coins to fund their development. This is the reason why alts/bitcoin keep going down.


This is all result of FUD and manipulations. Market cap went from 800 billion to 200 bilkion because many people who lost money in january gambling, withdrew from trading and never came back in. People are afraid to invest here and lately etf rejection did more damage than anticipated.

Many ICOs decided to dump their ethers which they rsised during ICOs. These all reasons are adding to these already worse market and making it worst.


all think deferent about altcoin so some are buying altcoin in their own risk
many has their own idea to participate the market


Of course, its their money after all, they can buy whatever they want. I was just trying to explain the reason that why altcoin marketcap is going down according to me.


All coins markets going down because maximum investors afraid to invest in the market. Because they lost their money at the end of year in Scam Projects. So now the are in fear.


i a gree
a lot of altcoin appear now, truely i confused to choose some to buy
many scam coin to right now, maybe because much coin starting the same time of ico
we must try survey and experiment which one we can invest to buy
eth and bitcoin right now going down too
watch and see its the best choice right now
hope Leaxcoin will be succesfull ico maybe i will invest some money at here
good luck for Leaxcoin Project
We trust we can succesfully together


very nice
market are providing opportunity to buy at low price
who will buy and hold top coins will get much profit
but one should invest only how much they can bear
leaxcoin really really best


I don’t have any doubts when it comes to leaxcoin. They ahave a wonderful and unique idea which will transform the real estate worldwide plus their team and BM team is really good.

Lets see where it takes us when it gets listed on an exchange.


All coins always show downstairs directions in price chart because less investment, fear of investment, scamming projects, government issue.


That’s right, these are the main reasons why the market continues to fall. It takes time and regulation of the market so that confidence is restored and investors are back.


yes until all these issues will no be solved fear of investment remain in investors heart that cause weakening of market


investors will come back only then when market fully crypto friendly and easier transaction system