Additional Investment Opportunities


Although commonly overlooked, this impact of blockchain technology on real estate is actually one of the most valuable and significant. Well, at least for those interested in good investment opportunities. The most innovative real estate companies on the global market have already announced their ICOs, which means lots of opportunities to gain rewards, benefit from bounty programs, and actually become the owner of tokens, which have a tendency to rise in value over time.

Speaking of the real estate, in particular, it is already clear enough that blockchain will bring the quality of rental procedures to ever greater heights. The future is now: properties are being sold via blockchain, smart contracts start to replace traditional rental agreements, brokers and agents become unnecessary with automation of all rental tasks. The future is now, and it has a lot to do with blockchain.


Yap, blockchain will bring more people to invest in real estate because with blockhain every aspect will be more transparant


Yes, I believe so too. Like it says in my bio, Blockchain will change the world for better.

Right on spot.


it is undeniable, the increasingly rapid development of bitcoin and many people will find out, is an opportunity to become a place of investment in the future, both for long-term or short-term investments, and also for small investors or large investors.
this is the excess of cryptocurrency, can be entered into all aspects.


Yes, real estate is a huge sector all over the world and the blockchain will make it transparent and understandable for everyone.