About coin or altcoin?


what do you know about coins and altcoins?
if I understand it, coins are digital currencies, while altcoins are coins that appear after BTC. What do you think?


Cryptocurrencies (coins) and tokens are different things.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and Dash are cryptocurrencies, traded like any other currency such as the USD. They let you buy, sell, and invest.

So what are tokens?

Tokens are virtual assets. Think: loyalty points, certificates, in-game rewards, and even company shares.

Here’s a real world example:

When you deposit $2 in a pinball machine, you exchange $2 for some pin balls (tokens) to play the game. Those tokens only have value in the pinball economy. You can’t use those tokens to pay for a different game, but you could if you had some coins.

So, tokens are abstractions of value, married to specific platforms.

While cryptocurrencies are universal stores of value and mediums of exchange.


Question is about coins and altcoins, not coins and tokens I guess.

Btw nice explanation of difference between tokens and coins.


All the coins except bitcoin are termed as altcoins which is short form for alternate coins. Both are digital currencies and functions same on exchanges. Rest, you know the difference between bitcoin and other coins like eos or any other coins.


this is an interesting explanation, many people do not know the difference in the coin network. There are coins that stand on their own network (btc, eos, stellar, eth, waves, etc.) and there are coins that use other platform networks (altcoins).
please correct if wrong.


Coins, Tokens & Altcoins, the three major types of cryptocurrencies are differentiated based on their underlying technology and design use case. For example, Bitcoin and other transactional cryptocurrencies like Monero and RaiBlocks are called cryptocurrency coins because of their use as a transfer of value. By comparison, all of the ERC-20 compliant platforms like 0x and Civic, which are built on Ethereum and other competing blockchains are referred to as tokens. Projects that are built on top of platforms like Ethereum and Waves do not themselves facilitate the transfer and are therefore merely tokens, not coins. Finally, altcoins refer to most of the other projects that started off with Bitcoin’s code but have now modified in some way, like Dash, Vertcoin, etc.

Source: https://www.blockchain-council.org/blockchain/coins-tokens-altcoins-whats-the-difference/

Every coin that was developed after Bitcoin is an altcoin.


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