A Suggestion for QnA


Well, at the time when most of the ICOs were getting cancelled, Leax sale was over as soon as it started. This shows that people believed in this project feom the beginning.

And now you have cleared that this project is not dead, moreover you guys are working on preparing the platform for you token, I would like to suggest to set up a telegram channel where community members can chat among themselves and one or few Leax team members and some chosen admins/moderators can answer their questions and queries on regular basis.

It’ll be great for those who are wishing for the success of this project.

After the ending of the bounty, I was approached with one of your team members and he said he had a spot for me here on community forum. If I could post regular updates about the project on this platform, I would be able to earn something. Well, if any such vacancy is available now, I would love to be a part of it. Do reply.


Hi Guarav,

We thank you for your suggestions, and we will have a look on this further before considering it. Rest assured that we will announce it here and on our social channels once we do have it considered.

As for being an ambassador, we will get back to you personally on this request once have organized a few things that we need to finish. We thank you for your support and your enthusiasm.

Have a good weekend!

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Thank you for the reply and consideration.

If I may suggest one more thing, a small bounty can be initiated again once the things are organised to increase the activity on this forum again. Just consider it too when the platform is almost ready.


We will all be looking into consideration to all of those suggestions.

You have a good day!