A real community with real estate specialists


The # Leaxcoin is very proud of being a real community with real estate specialists from all over the world. Together, we join forces to build a global community of the blockchain revolution enthusiasts. # ICO
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Now you need to work hard to find a good investment. I’m glad I found the #Leaxcoin Community. The team is very strong and with a great potential! I think this is a promising project.


Of course, what’s the product and services for without the community. We will all look forward to the progress of these projects. Hopefully, much more partnerships and activities on Leax’s team will be see. Regular updates, for us to cope with what is really going on in the project we are supporting. Also, looking forward who and what the team can bring on the table, given that, currently, there are a lot of competitors who are really enthusiastic and excited in proving their worth. Hopefully, we will see the same on this project. It’s time to innovate this huge market with huge gaps in between its processes, the real property industry.