10 Reasons to hold Bitcoin


Yes sir I am fully agreed with you because sir Satoshi nakamoto developer issued such kind of reason at first time. Bitcoin holding is fully influenced by virtually marketing process, if market change significantly then holding and selling phenomena issue…


bitcoin itself also has a good investment value, but it takes a good strategy and a plan also in order to gain profits.


yes but one should focus on very good business planed project like leaxcoin that can be much profitable
Because a good business never die and always be profitable


Bitcoin is famous among crypto investors and traders all have first choice for BTC to invest and trade and this result Bitcoin last long or may be always


Bitcoin is the leader among all crypto currency and will be so for a long time, so it will be present in the portfolio of many investors constantly.


Of course bitcoin always will be in all portfolio’s of crypto investors


this is real right bitcoin is great


Can Leaxcoin Break Previous Crypt I currencies Record


leaxcoin is on the ethereum network. If the leax marketing team is very good, the value of leax coins can exceed other coins in the real estate sector. I hope the Leax team regulates the circulation of coins in the market so that the stability of coin prices is maintained.


Leaxcoin has a fairly professional and cohesive team with many excellent tools for implementing the most ambitious plans. This project can bring a good profits in the future.




I Think So
Leaxcoin is Very Good This Will Give Better Profit Than Others Cryptocurrencies


I hope so.

We’ll get to know more once we hit exchanges.


OK I Am Waiting A Very Good Performance Of Leax